Add and edit recipes directly on your iPhone and iPad.

Access all your favorite recipes. Your recipes stay with you on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Take them with you everywhere. No internet connection needed.

Organize your recipes or use your iPhone app to take a photo of what you’re eating and ask the chef for the recipe! Everything will be in Chef`s Recipes for you to see later.

Create shopping lists

With a simple touch you can send the ingredients of a recipe to Chef`s Recipes shopping list.

Customise the shopping list, use it to shop, email it to yourself or someone else.

Share recipes with friends

Email a recipe to a friend or messages to Facebook and Twitter

Create a menu and invite friends

Use our menu creation tool to plan your next dinner party

Select the recipes, send the ingredients to the shopping list, and invite your friends via email - all with one tool.

... or just plan your week.